6 Easy Ways for How to Sterilize Soil and Eliminate Diseases and Bugs

how to sterilize soil using different methods

If you buy bagged potting soil or potting mixes regularly, then you probably fear the dreaded gnat. Fungus gnats lay eggs in bagged soils and then emerge later to annoy you and kill your plants. Besides gnat eggs, bagged soils can also harbor harmful microbes, fungi, and other nasty creatures. Unfortunately, you cannot see these … Read more

What’s Better for Indoor Growing Plants: Hydroponics vs Soil

What's better - Hydroponics vs Soil

12,000 years ago, humans began growing outdoors for plant-based food. Hunter-gatherers originally tried their hand at farming in the Zagros Mountains. Since then, the majority of human civilization let their plants grow in nutrient-rich soil. However, recent climate developments suggest we may have a harder time using traditional soil. Plant growth relies on nutrients from the … Read more

Sphagnum Moss vs Peat Moss: Why Should You Care to Know The Difference?

peat moss vs sphagnum moss header

Sphagnum moss and peat moss are two commonly confused substances that gardeners, especially container gardeners, are likely to run across. While they may sound the same, a prepared gardener knows how to spot the difference between the two and why it matters.Sphagnum moss and peat moss come from the same plant, but sphagnum is the … Read more

How To: Growing Strawberries Indoors And Plant In Containers

growing strawberries indoors header

Strawberries are a sweet, healthy treat filled with vitamin C and K, but buying fresh fruit from the store quickly becomes expensive. Strawberries from the store may also have been subject to the use of chemicals. For cheap and truly organic strawberries, nothing beats growing strawberries indoors by yourself!However, strawberries, like most plants, have a … Read more

Learn How to Grow Fresh Basil From Seeds and Care For It Until Harvest While Indoors

grow basil indoors

Basil is one of the easiest and most useful herbs you can grow at home. You can add fresh basil to sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti, and even used it to make pesto! However, basil is a strictly warm-weather plant. Once the weather gets under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, your garden-fresh basil will quickly die outdoors.However, just as … Read more

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors All Year Round

grow lettuce indoors

Whether you are trying to save money, like gardening, or just want to know where your food comes from, growing lettuce is a great way to help your health and wallet. However, if you wish to have full-time access to lettuce’s green goodness, you will need to grow lettuce indoors.How does growing lettuce indoors differ … Read more