Control The Temperature of Your Garden With This Grow Tent Ventilation Guide

grow tent ventilation

Ventilation is a crucial yet often overlooked part of horticulture. Much like humans, plant growth needs air to survive. They use it for both photosynthesis and respiration. And as such, when there is no airflow in your grow tent, your plants will suffocate. But leaving your grow tent open beats the entire purpose of it. You … Read more

20 Easiest Vegetables To Grow Indoors

Easiest vegetables to grow indoors

According to research from the university of Vermont:“nearly 90% of people worldwide who spend at least 22 hours a day inside. Americans spend most of their time (90%) either indoors or in vehicles.  Children spend less than one hour daily outside, which is 50% less than their parents did as children”.With all this time inside … Read more

How To Grow Mushrooms Indoor

mushroom food

Mushrooms are much different from the other veggies we eat. And chomping down on them during lunch is always a delight. But can you grow mushrooms yourself?Yes, you can, and it’s quite simple if you know how to go about it. However, be warned as it’s not the same as growing plants. It’s a lot … Read more