About Us

About Us

Planteli was created to help people start growing their own food, sustainability freaks, plant lovers and basically everyone fascinated by the indoor gardening movement.

Growing your own food allows you to stop relying solely on traditional methods of purchasing your produce from a grocery store. Not only does this impact the freshness and flavor of the food, but more importantly, this is an impactful and fun way that you can reduce your carbon footprint.

This desire to feed ourselves has sparked a whole new revolution that’s taking the garden from the backyard to the kitchen…and the living room…and the den.

“Urban gardening has the potential to turn the growing number of consumers into conscious producers by raising awareness of natural resource cycles, contributing to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.”

Our mission is to provide best in class information and tips on how every person can create his or her own indoor garden, create their own food and embrace a change towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Pamela G. Martin


Passionate about urban gardening, indoor growing solutions and sustainability. Believes in growing our own food and eat fresh and better food by getting back to basics, growing a fruit and vegetable garden and cooking from scratch


Daniel Buckner

Content writer

I have been practicing indoor gardening for quite some time now, and I love writing. So why not combine those two passions into one place where I can share my experience with the world and help the other grow fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs in their own apartment