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surface growing sphagnum moss

Sphagnum Moss vs. Peat Moss – What You Need to Know

If you are an indoor gardening enthusiast aiming to cultivate edible plants, you have likely been faced with the question: sphagnum …

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6 types of hydroponics systems

Hydroponic Systems: What’s The Right For Your Indoor Garden

Hydroponic systems have been around for centuries, but they’ve gained renewed attention in recent years due to concerns about water usage …

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Gardening gifts

32+ Unique and Practical Gifts for Gardeners: The Best Ideas to Make Their Dreams Come True!

For those who love spending time tending to their indoor garden, there are few things more rewarding than watching it grow. …

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why plants need nitrogen

Fertilization Strategies to Get The Best Results: Why Do Plants Need Nitrogen

Indoor gardeners are always looking for ways to ensure their plants get the best possible fertilizer. But what is nitrogen, and …

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Vermiculite or Perlite

Perlite Vs Vermiculite: What Is It And How To Know The Difference

If you happen to be at a garden center trying to decide what will better suit your plants? Well, vermiculite and …

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how to setup grow lights

How To Make Grow Lights For Indoor Plants [Step by Step]

In this blog post, you’ll learn how you can make your own DIY grow light system and how to choose LED …

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grow tent ventilation

Grow Tent Ventilation: Easily Control The Temperature of Your Garden

Ventilation is a crucial yet often overlooked part of horticulture. Much like humans, plant growth needs air to survive. They use …

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growing vegetables in containers

The Best Vegetable Container Gardening Guide For Beginners

Few things taste better than fresh veggies, salad greens, and herbs you grew yourself. You can be healthy, feel great about …

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