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how to get rid of fungus gnats for good

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats and Save Your Edible Plants

If you’re a plant owner, you’ve probably encountered fungus gnats at some point. These pesky little flies can quickly ruin your …

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What's better - Hydroponics vs Soil

What’s Better for Indoor Growing Plants: Hydroponics vs Soil

12,000 years ago, humans began growing outdoors for plant-based food. Hunter-gatherers initially tried their hand at farming in the Zagros Mountains. …

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plant germination

Do Seeds Need Light To Germinate? Including A Plant List

Starting seeds indoors is an excellent way for gardeners to jump-start their growing season, particularly in areas with limited outdoor growing …

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how to germinate seeds indoors header

Indoor Gardening Step By Step Guide: How To Germinate Seeds Indoors

Alright, you want to grow your own plants. You’re not alone in this desire. So many people are trying to figure …

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start composting

How To Compost In An Apartment: 4 Simple, Low-Cost Methods for Fresh Vegetables

From banana peels and apple cores to coffee grounds and avocado pits in the back of your fridge, which have turned …

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