8 Best Grow Tent Kit For Complete Gardening Experience [Updated 2023]

Indoor gardening is trending, and everyone wants to be part of the new indoor gardener lifestyle. The dream of being able to grow plants all year long without worrying about the weather or pests is coming true.

Start your seeds early if that’s what you want, and get a head start on the outdoor growing season by starting them indoors before Mother Nature has had time to change her mind again.

You can get high-quality indoor grow tent kits that allow you to grow tasty herbs/vegetables quickly at home without worrying about pests entering your garden because they won’t stand a chance against these protected plants.

Here are the 8 best grow tent kits on my list, including an informative buying guide below to help you make the right decision.

Comparison Chart of the Best Grow Tent Kits for 2023

ProductTent size (feet) for 1 plant/sq. in.DimensionsSize type
SuperNova by SuperClosetOverall3.8 X 2SmallGet Best Price
Deluxe by SuperClosetPremium quality3 x 2SmallGet Best Price
Signature Kit by BudGrowerExperts2 x 2MediumGet Best Price
Spider Farmer 2000 LED Grow KitEnergy consumption2 X 4MediumGet Best Price
BloomGrow Grow Light KitBest for different power modes3 X 3MediumGet Best Price
Spider Farmer 1000 LED Grow KitBest for light management2.25 X 2.25LargeGet Best Price
Mars Hydro Plus Grow TentBest for ventilation kit4 X 4LargeGet Best Price
ToPoGrow Grow TentBest for hobbyists2.7 X 2.7LargeGet Best Price

Are grow tent kits worth it?

Grow tent kits are worth considering if you’re serious about growing your own plants. It can be a significant investment but pays off in the long run. Not to mention, it’s a great way to completely control your plant’s environment.

8 Best Grow Tent Kits in 2023

Here are the 8 best grow tent kits you can find on the market. Some are better suited for beginners, while others are for experts. You can choose one according to your preferences and requirements. 

1. SuperNova by SuperCloset – Best Overall

SuperNova Smart Grow Closet
supercloset grow tent kits


  • 2x4x6.5
  • Up to 12 large veg/flower plants
  • Dual activated carbon air filtration
  • Inbuilt thermometer and hygrometer
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Seedling Tray with dome

Reasons to buy

  • Separate flooring and germination chambers
  • Great design and a key lock
  • Smart app connectivity
  • Excellent customer service and video tutorials

Reasons to avoid

  • Not made for smaller yield and casual indoor gardening

Out of all the grow tent kits available, SuperNova is the best grow tent kit that money can buy and is suitable for the parts of the field of indoor growing. It gets a 4.2 (Great) score on TrustPilot and has won the Gear of The Year award 13 times since 2012. This kit will be useful if you have experience with grow tents. It is easy to maintain, and not many issues are associated with the watering and feeding processes. 

SuperCloset only uses Gorilla Grow Tents. There are separate cloning chambers and flowering chambers in this grow kit to keep your batch going without any halts. They include two 24w T-5 fluorescent bulbs, which at 6500k, are perfect for your new plants. You can also amp up the growth process according to your requirements.

With SuperNova hydroponic grow tent kit, you can grow your plants fast, and they have the tech to show it! The all-new X Series is here in time for your next crop. With 350% more light distribution than its predecessor and improved spectrum performance. Now 38% lighter than before.

The best part of this grow tent kit is that you can connect it to your phone and remotely adjust its light, air, and water systems according to the requirements of the plant stages.

The tent kit also features a secure key-locking mechanism to protect your plants and keep them safe. Anti-mold, adjustable and removable panels are included in this grow kit, providing optimal light distribution and cleanliness.

And last, SuperNova grow tent kit features a thermometer and hygrometer to provide details on the current conditions inside your grow tent and an innovative and adjustable internal circulation fan designed to provide optimal cross airflow distribution, which in turn improves the longevity of your plants.

Our Verdict:

SuperNova’s complete grow tent kit delivers the best performance with top-notch equipment. It provides enough space to grow your batch with separate seedling and vegetation chambers. SuperCloset is one of the most recommended grow tent brands, and their quality is undoubtedly the best in class.

2. Deluxe by SuperCloset – Best Premium Quality Grow Kit


  • 2 x 3 x 6
  • Up to 16 veg/flower plants
  • Dual activated carbon air filtration
  • Inbuilt thermometer and hygrometer
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Smart connectivity

Reasons to buy

  • Separate chambers for seedlings and flowering
  • Supports hydroponics and soil configurations
  • Includes a double carbon filter
  • Includes a smart grow camera
  • Builtin hygrometer to measure temperatures and humidity levels
  • Adjustable, removable, reflective, and anti-mold panels.

Reasons to avoid

  • A big price tag
  • Not for hobbyists or novices
  • Only suitable for high-yield purposes
Delux SmartGrow Closet

Like the SuperNova grow tent, the complete kit is an excellent option for those who want to start their own plants from seed and harvest them when ready. The Gorilla grow tent kit has separate chambers, so you can quickly get started in one place, then move everything else into its corresponding area without any hassle or additional equipment needed! This unit would allow you to have your own indoor garden, even in the snowy parts of the world.

It features locking doors and built-in dual carbon filtration for those pesky plant aromas and to manage odors in your grow room. 

Another excellent feature of this grow tent kit is its Wi-Fi connectivity. You can conveniently connect it with your smartphone through an app and control it remotely. You don’t have to be around it to adjust to the light or air filter system, which is a huge bonus. Moreover, an Internal digital Hygrometer and Thermometer are included to retain a clean cabinet appearance while monitoring your grow environment.

And that’s not all…

You can choose to go with soil or hydroponic grow tent kit. Like all other SuperCloset products, this system can provide a 30% better yield and consumes 20% less energy. The hydroponic setup combines automated top feed and Deep Water Culture, assuring you the best, easiest, fastest, and safest grows over any other method.

Our Verdict:

Delux by SuperCloset is suitable for a high yield and the best quality product to keep the batches going. It has a smart app to adjust remotely to the tent conditions and tons of other equipment in the package.

3. Signature Kit by BudGrower – Best for Experts


  • 2 x 2 x 6.5
  • 1-3 plants
  • 150 Watt HPS grow light
  • 1680D Mylar canvas
  • Waterproof removable tray
  • Including an inline fan and a carbon filter to keep the odors down

Reasons to buy

  • Mechanical timer
  • Approximately 100% reflectivity for better light conditions
  • Larger vents with mesh to keep the bugs away
  • 2-year warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • The grow-quantity is not as high as the competition
The BudGrower Signature Indoor Grow Kit

Signature grow tent kit is a premium quality option by The BudGrower and is suitable for soil plants. It will not provide you with large yields, but you can certainly do some experiments. 

This grow room includes everything you need to install and operate it conveniently, like a hygrometer, a timer to control the light system effectively, a humidity dome, Pruning snips, and safety gloves.

The tent is made of high-quality material and has a thicker gauge fabric. It means the tent is not only tear-proof and waterproof but also prevent light leaks. There are no holes in it from where the heat or moisture can leak. You get multiple viewports for easily monitoring your plants, which is great for knowing what goes on within the tent without opening it.

With german aluminum reflective hood that spreads light evenly throughout the tent, you will get the best results and see your plants growing significantly faster. Last, it has a 2-year warranty which always comes in handy.

Get 65-70% off retail prices with The Budgrower

Our Verdict:

This user-friendly grow tent kit would be a good option for you to consider because you can only grow up to 3 plants in it. 

Check out this buying guide if you’re looking for the best 2×2 grow tents.

4. Spider Farmer 200W Grow Kit – Best for energy consumption


  • 2-foot x 4-foot x 6.5-foot
  • Samsung Diodes LM301B with 200W consumption
  • 4-inch inline fan
  • 600D Oxford cloth
  • Accommodate 8 small plants

Reasons to buy

  • High-quality LED grow light system
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • High ventilation with 4-inch fan and carbon filter
  • Effective odor management
  • Conserves a significant amount of energy

Reasons to avoid

  • Cheaper alternatives are available with more options in dimensions

SpiderFarm grow tent kit is excellent in durability as it is made with high-quality materials. Some cheaper alternatives are available, and you can go with them if you are looking for more variety in dimensions. 

The grow kit comes with SF2000 LED grow light compatible with LM301B diodes by Samsung. The overall consumption of this LED is only 200W, so it is a good energy saver. SpiderFarm grow tent kit has a light setting to perform for a long time. 

But that’s not all… 

This grow tent kit comes with a powerful fan filter as well. This fan filter effectively handles any odor within the tent system. It works well with the carbon filter in the grow tent, and together, they eliminate any odor and keep your room as fresh as ever. 

The grow tent in this kit is made of 600-denier Oxford material and will remain intact. The Mylar materials on the inside of the fabric are 100% reflective and significantly improve the light system inside the tent. The tent fabric is completely waterproof as well. 

The carbon filter is made of Australian coal and is highly effective in its performance. Your room will stay tidy and you won’t have to deal with bad smells.

Our Verdict:

You might think this grow tent kit is slightly on the experience side, but it also does a fantastic job in overall light performance and energy consumption. It comes with a UL-certified light system that works like a charm and keeps the overall growth of your plants steady throughout the year.

5. BloomGrow Grow Light Kit – Best for different power modes


  • 3-foot x 3-foot x 6-foot
  • 6-inch extractor fan
  • 1200W LED grow light system
  • 600D diamond Mylar fabric

Reasons to buy

  • Various dimensions and tent sizes are available
  • High-quality construction
  • Quiet-grow with silent fan operation
  • An inbuilt hygrometer is included to check temperature and humidity
  • There are different energy and usage-based modes
  • The kit includes a carbon-based prefilter

Reasons to avoid

  • Not the best choice for newcomers
  • Zippers something catch
BloomGrow 1200W Led

BloomGrow is the right option if you have been growing indoors for some time now and want a good quality grow tent kit to extend your endeavors further. The inside of the tent is around 96% reflective and is made of a fully waterproof diamond Mylar. 

With high reflectivity on the inside, the light system can produce better results and helps in the overall growth of your plants. The tent also features rectangle vents to ensure passage and ventilation of the air as possible. 

Plants require help in boosting their photosynthesis process. But with these vents, odor management is guaranteed as well. Coal-based carbon filters are present in this grow tent kit and will do a fine job keeping those odors under control. 

One of the best features of this grow kit is the light system with different settings. This light system works in tandem with the fan system, and you can access different settings according to your usage and requirements. 

You can reduce the electricity consumption as the light system will only consume around 240W. You can increase the light intensity and supercharge the entire process. 

It also features a high-powered self-heating system that can last very long, and with Quiet Grow, you can reduce the fan speed to keep your room quiet. 

Our Verdict:

This is a good quality grow tent kit for indoor growing on a larger scale that delivers very satisfactory performance.

6. Spider Farmer 100W Grow Kit – Best for light management


  • 2.25-foot x 2.25-foot x 5.2-foot
  • 4-inch extractor fan
  • 600-denier oxford cloth
  • 100W consumption

Reasons to buy

  • Quality odor control with powerful extractions
  • The tent doesn’t require much maintenance
  • It is pretty simple to set up and take apart
  • Light consumes less energy

Reasons to avoid

  • Low-quality accessories come in the package
Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit Complete SF-1000

If you are looking for value, Spider Farmer is the right option because it will suit your budget no matter your reason for indoor growing. It provides you with ample space to grow a variety of different plants. 

Maintenance and handling of this grow tent kit are minimal, and you won’t have to do much to keep it going. The grow kit contains special Australian charcoal filters and effectively contains unwanted smells. It means your indoor space will remain clean and free of any smells. 

And that’s not all…

Spider Farmer grow kit features Samsung diode lights that are top-notch quality. It means they won’t burn out quickly and continue to perform for a long time. These lights are bright and excellent for your plants inside a closed compartment.

And speaking of closed compartments, this grow tent comes with a proper ventilation system. There is a 4-inch extractor fan that will come in this kit, and it has a powerful exhaust system that can take out any odor from your grow tent and feed it with fresh air. 

This grow tent is sturdy and features Mylar on the inside with 100% reflectivity. With increased reflectivity, the grow light performance inside the tent system becomes at an optimal level. 600-denier oxford fabric ensures the tent remains durable for a long time. 

Our Verdict:

Most grow tent kits are not made of durable materials, so they also don’t last. But this is a quality grow tent that will last for many years. You might notice that the accessories with this grow kit are sub-par, but you can always go for some replacements after a few years. 

7. Mars Hydro Plus Grow Kit – Best for ventilation kit


  • 4-foot x 4-foot x 6.5-foot
  • 600D Myler tent fabric
  • 800W full spectrum light
  • 8-inch fan
  • 24-hr timer

Reasons to buy

  • The grow tent comes with an inbuilt timer
  • Features a digital hygrometer
  • Pretty strong in containing the odors
  • Ducting and light hangers included
  • Heavy-Duty and durable zippers
  • High quality galvanized metal clamps

Reasons to avoid

  • Not for casual growers

Mars Hydro LED grow tent kit comes in different sizes to meet your needs. You can adjust the lighting according to your system, and it’s perfect for most plants, whether crops or flowers!

Hydro Plus Grow Tent Kit

The 600 denier Mylar fabric is durable, so this will be an ideal spot where these beautiful plant life can thrive on their own terms while getting all those nutrients from the soil right at its surface without any interference whatsoever.

With a fully waterproof fabric and an extractor fan to keep odors at bay, this tent is perfect for those who want their plants fresh. Thanks also feature durable material that won’t tear easily- plus, there are no light leaks!

With the 8-inch ventilation system kit, this grow tent will ensure that your plants stay fresh for longer and have healthier growth patterns. It also has an extractor fan which helps eliminate odors!

This grow tent kit comes with an inbuilt timer to perfect the schedule for lights and check temperature and humidity. The grow tents also feature quality carbon filters to manage any odors from the plants or the system. 

Our Verdict:

This quality grow tent kit has everything you need to make the system work perfectly. It allows you to manage the conditions very well and ensures everything is in perfect shape for your plant to grow.

8. ToPoGrow Grow Tent Kit – Best for hobbyists


  • 2.67-foot x 2.67-foot x 5.25-foot
  • 300W LED light
  • 600D heavy duty tent oxford fabric
  • 4-inch fan
  • 24-hr timer

Reasons to buy

  • Not that difficult to set up
  • The kit includes everything
  • Useful for a range of different herbs and plants
  • Proper odor control
  • A 4-inch extractor fan keeps the air circulating
  • Full-spectrum design 300W light

Reasons to avoid

  • Not for professionals or commercial users
TopoGrow Grow Tent Kit Complete LED 300W

The TopoGrow grower kit is easy to install, and you won’t have to go through much to get it done. It comes with a powerful 300W LED light that provides enough light to keep your plants healthy and fresh. 

You can brighten or dim the light according to the current plants’ life cycle. This tent keeps all the odor out of your indoor space with a proper ventilation system. Fresh air is available for the plants to grow all the time.

The 4-inch fan in this kit also plays a significant role in providing the system with fresh air and keeping the odors away. The kit also features 300W LED grow light to provide your plants with an environment close to the natural one. 

This grow light has a full spectrum design, and you can use it to grow your plants in any growth cycle. It is suitable for plants at different stages, including vegetation, flowering, germination, and seedling.

Another advantage of using this TopoGrow LED grow tent is. It is made of quality 600-denier heavy-duty oxford cloth that is entirely lightproof. Furthermore, this fabric is durable as well. The rods are painted white, and the zippers present on this tent are of high quality. 

This complete grow tent kit is ideal for plants of all types, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They will continue to thrive year around with ease. The kit also has 600W and 900W lights and different tent dimensions. 

Our Verdict:

TopoGrow is a good quality grow tent kit for a decent yield. If you are a hobbyist, this option will work for you as it comes with a decent price tag. 

How to select an Indoor Grow Tent Kit?

Buying a grow tent kit is not that simple because there are some minor details to focus on, and they will come in handy later.

This guide highlights some crucial points you must remember when buying a grow tent kit. 

  1. Size of your grow tent (how many plants you want to grow)
  2. Grow lights
  3. Ventilation system

Let’s explore each one:


Grow tent kits are available in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it gets too overwhelming to choose the right size for your grow tent. But it would be best to keep in mind how many plants you will grow in the space available and decide the grow tent size accordingly. 

The size you will choose for your grow tent will depend on which plant density you will use for your plants. There are two different plant densities you can go for; one is a single plant per square inch, while the other is a quarter plant per square inch. And, of course, with different densities, the size of the tent kit will change.

No. of plants

Tent size (feet) for 1 plant/sq. in.

Tent size (feet) for 0.25 plant/sq. in.

Size type

1 plant

1.3 x 1.3

2 X 2


2 Plants

1.3 x 1.3

2 x 4


4 Plants

2 x 2

4 x 4


6 Plants

2 x 4

5 x 5


8 Plants

3 x 4

4 x 8


9 Plants

3 x 4

5 x 9


10 Plants

3 X 4

5 x 9 


15 Plants

4 x 4

8 x 8


16 Plants

4 X 4 

8 x 8


20 Plants

5 X 5

10 x 10

Extra Large

30 Plants

4 X 8

12 x 12

Extra Large

To choose the best tent size, you must consider what indoor plants to grow in it. If you are growing herbs, you won’t need that as much as something like a vegetable. So, you should make the selection accordingly. 

You should start with the smallest size available if you are a novice. For an expert, any size will work depending on the fulfilled demand. 

A hobbyist can choose a small or medium tent based on their preferences. But anyone who wants to get bigger yields should go for at least a 4 x 4. The tent’s height is at least 5 feet, but 7 feet will be a much better option.

Grow Lights

Growing indoors is all about being precise with your lighting using indoor grow lights. There are different grow lights, but the most popular are LED grow lights. Advanced spectrum grow lights are also available, along with T5 fluorescent lights, which are suitable for flowering plants.

LED grow lights can be tricky, but luckily most complete grow tent kits come equipped to provide the perfect amount of energy for growing different types of plants at various stages in their life cycle – from seedlings up through the flowering stage!

There are different LED grow lights available in terms of colors and wattage. They can range from 200W up to 1000W. Some lights come with an inbuilt timer and maintain a proper garden schedule. 

Moreover, most grow tent kits have reflectors to maximize the effects of these lights inside the tent. 

Ventilation system

The ventilation system on your grow tent kits will be fundamental because it keeps the airflow at an optimal level within the tent and keeps your indoor space smell-proof. These vents are also handy if your tent tends to get very hot. 

Your plants need good air exchange for growing healthy. These vents will control the inside temperature and humidity of your tent. These vents keep the humidity, excess heat, and mold at bay. 

These grow tent kits can be a source of bad smell. Some feature carbon filters to cure these odors, but a grow tent can conveniently manage odors on itself with a proper ventilation system. The key here is air needs to be circulated throughout at a regular rate.

Our grow tent setup guide will teach you how to set up your own grow room if you still need to.

What Else Should The Grow Tent Kit Package Include?

best grow tent kit

Grow tent kits should include all the tools you can use to assemble the tent and get it in place.

  • The hangers for the lights
  • The bolts and nuts for the frames and fittings inside
  • The tent itself
  • Everything you will need to set it all up. 

The best grow tent kits also feature fans, a timer, a during hose, carbon filters, and other accessories. Ensure your grow tent kit has an instructional guide if you get into trouble. 

Setting grow tents up is not a big deal, provided everything is available in the kit. But at times, there are some unfamiliar parts and components present inside a kit, and you need to have some kind of guidance to put those unfamiliar components to use. 


These grow tent kits can be handy for your indoor growing endeavors. And the best one is the SuperCloset SuperNova indoor grow tent kit. It’s a suitable choice for anyone looking to grow herbs and veggies inside.

Setting up the indoor grow tents is not that difficult of a process. You just need the tools and proper instructions to get the job done. Ensure you keep the conditions inside the tent holes natural for the best growth.