Indoor Gardening Step By Step Guide: How To Germinate Seeds Indoors

how to germinate seeds indoors header

Alright, you want to grow your own plants. You’re not alone in this desire. So many people are trying to figure out how to start seeds indoors. It’s understandable why: indoor gardening is a wonderful way to get the benefits of fresh produce year-round without having to do all the work of maintaining an outdoor … Read more

6 Easy Ways for How to Sterilize Soil and Eliminate Diseases and Bugs

how to sterilize soil using different methods

If you buy bagged potting soil or potting mixes regularly, then you probably fear the dreaded gnat. Fungus gnats lay eggs in bagged soils and then emerge later to annoy you and kill your plants. Besides gnat eggs, bagged soils can also harbor harmful microbes, fungi, and other nasty creatures. Unfortunately, you cannot see these … Read more

Perlite Vs Vermiculite: What Is It And How To Know The Difference

Vermiculite or Perlite

If you happen to be at a garden center trying to decide what is going to better suit your plants? Well, vermiculite and perlite are quite similar, which is usually why people think about this. However, some key differences help you put things into perspective where the two are concerned. Apart from just knowing how … Read more

Sphagnum Moss vs Peat Moss: Why Should You Care to Know The Difference?

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Sphagnum moss and peat moss are two commonly confused substances that gardeners, especially container gardeners, are likely to run across. While they may sound the same, a prepared gardener knows how to spot the difference between the two and why it matters. Sphagnum moss and peat moss come from the same plant, but sphagnum is … Read more

How To Make Grow Lights For Indoor Plants [Step by Step]

how to setup grow lights

In this blog post, you’ll learn how you can make your own DIY grow light system and how to choose LED lights to grow indoor plants. And basically, all you need to know about grow light setups for plants.  So, what’s special about a grow light? Growing plants indoors can be a challenging hobby. When … Read more