Indoor Growing System: In-Depth Gorilla Grow Tent Review

Gorilla grow tents are one of the most popular and best-rated brands on the market. They offer various types, sizes, and features so that you can find what is suitable for your garden or personal needs. This Gorilla grow tent review will help you decide if they are worth it by covering everything from their benefits to how they compare to other brands in terms of quality.

Are Gorilla Grow Tents worth it?

Gorilla tents offer many benefits, but are they worth the cost? The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for in a tent. They are one of the best tent brands on the market, but they may have a higher price tag.

If you think about it, the cost of your grow tent is just one part of what will go into building a successful garden. The true costs come when you start factoring in things like electricity bills for lights or running fans all day long. Your grow tent could end up being cheaper than other brands when considering these additional expenses.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality, strongest, longest-lasting tent that will withstand years of abuse and still provide excellent airflow, then Gorilla is worth it. They are well-built and offer some of the best features compared to other tent brands. 

Another reason for choosing a Gorilla grow tent is if you want the best protection against light.

For instance, some growers are worried about growing marijuana near a window and don’t want any natural or artificial lights to reach their plants. If this concerns you, you may be better off buying one of these tents. They offer excellent blackout capabilities for total darkness during vegetation phases.

Continue reading this Gorilla grow tent review to learn about the different types of gorilla tents.

Gorilla Grow Tent Features

Gorillas offer many grow tent options to choose from. The Original Gorilla Grow Tent GGT, the Lite Line, and Shorty product line are designed for different budgets and grow spaces. 

Plus, there are also Gorilla clone tents that use similar features but have been cut down to be even cheaper than regular Gorilla tents!

These are the most important things you should look out for when buying your tents so here we will cover some key points about these little details!

1. The Fabric

The Gorilla Original Grow Tent GGT and the Gorilla Shorty line all come with a 1680D highly reflective Mylar fabric for blocking light.

How do they compare?

Some grow tent competitors have 200D-600D fabric, which is less reflective and will allow more light.

As the name suggests, the Lite Line has a much lower fabric density at 210D. Still, even though it is on the lower end of the fabric density, the other qualities, like double stitching, create an optimum environment that other competitors do not have.

2. Heavy-Duty Zippers

Zippers are a key feature of Gorilla tents. They are thick, heavy-duty, have reinforced stitching, and can handle the amount of abuse they will endure over time from plants growing under and through them.

They also have double-stitched seams, making it very difficult for pests or other substances from getting inside your grow tent while you’re not there.

How do they compare?

Competitors generally use nylon zippers, which are less durable and not nearly as secure or thick.

They also may use a single stitch that is less resistant to tearing or ripping and can allow light to pass through the seal.

3. The structure

Poles are made from metal instead of plastic, which helps maintain a strong structure and walls and makes it easy to set up even in low light conditions. The frame also won’t break or snap when bumped into something accidentally, as thin poles will do. 

The Gorilla Grow Tent has a reinforced interlocking frame in the corners that are made of steel. This is a considerable upgrade to Gorilla Grow Tents made in the past. It means that it will never warp, break or otherwise lose its shape over time as other tents do.

How do they compare?

Competitors generally use thin poles, which cannot support heavy lights and other gear that can come with a successful grow. 

4. Windows and Ventilation System

There is plenty of ventilation built in, so no moisture buildup will occur and contaminate your plants or workspace.

Gorilla tents have an adjustable window system that can be opened for ventilation or closed to keep smells in and are one of the few competitors who offer this feature. 

They also ventilate well without light leaks when they’re fully sealed shut by a heavy-duty zipper. 

Many growers will use an external fan for better air circulation in their tents, but these can be costly if you do not want to go with Gorilla.

How do they compare?

Competitors generally offer less-adjustable ventilated windows and may not offer clear window panels at all.

5. Ease of installation

It has many features, but its most significant selling point is how easy it sets up, saving time and energy when trying to get your grow out into the field or onto a porch before the sun comes up.

With a series of pre-assembled poles, all you need to do is set up the tent and install some hooks for hanging lights.

Gorillas are also free-standing, which means they don’t need to be attached to anything like walls or ceilings but can stand on their own making them great for people who live in apartments.

How do they compare?

Compared with other competitors’ tents which are challenging to put together and often require two people (and sometimes an extra hand), Gorilla tents set up quickly without any help at all.

The shape of these tents also makes them perfect for growing in confined spaces such as patios and balconies where height might be limited. This tent is also strong enough to be used outdoors in windy climates.

6. Waterproof floor

It includes an extra-thick flood pool installed at the bottom of the tent, with velcro strips wrapped around the poles for easy cleaning if any spills or leaks through into the ground below. 

A waterproof floor also means you don’t have to worry about water damage in your home while you’re away, and it also means less mess for the grower.

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Gorilla Grow Tent Accessories

Gorilla grow tent accessories are available to make your life easier.

1. Carbon Filter


Clean, contaminant-free air is one of the most essential elements of indoor gardening. Gorilla Tactical Carbon Filters use only Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon for maximum absorption and peak effectiveness in eliminating pathogens and odors.

2. Height Extension Kit


Some models have a height extension kit as well. This is an optional addition for growers that want the maximum amount of headroom in their tents, but do not mind sacrificing some square footage at the base of it to make this happen.

Patent Pending adjustable extension kits allow you to increase the height of your grow tent from 7′ to 8′ to 9′ or even 10′ tall.

3. Net Trellis


This accessory is built to stand up straight or lay flat and can be used without fasteners. The net trellis is made of a top-quality mesh material that will not tear with use.

You can use it for any size of tent, and it will add some additional height to your grow room. The net is designed not just for the Gorilla Grow Tent but also for other brands as well.

Additionally, the Grow Room Net Trellis comes in three sizes: small (48″), medium-size (72″) & large size (96″). This means you have what it takes for whatever your needs may be!

4. Curing Rack

Curing rack

The Curing Rack is a unique system that will help you with your drying and curing process. This rack is made of high-quality materials to ensure there are no leaks or tears in the fabric, which means that the material can be used for up to three years without any damage!

5. Indoor Grow Room High CFM

Grow Room High CFM Kit

The high CFM kit is designed to prevent your indoor grow tent from being sucked in by the natural negative pressure of robust exhaust systems. These Gorilla strong poles will get you back to growing quickly.

The Original Gorilla Grow Tent GGT

This was Gorilla’s first attempt at making a grow tent, and it’s still considered one of their top models today. It’s one of the few ones available on Amazon Prime. 

This original product line offers plenty of area inside so that there’s room enough for a fantastic harvest while still giving plants lots of space to grow. 

If you are looking for a Gorilla grow tent, this is likely the one you want.

It comes in 12 different sizes, including all the essentials for success (ducting, viewing windows) at an affordable price point. Prices range from $190-$2,400 depending on size and accessories.

The Lite Line

This Gorilla grow tent is also more reasonably priced than many of its competitors. It’s not unusual to see this model for sale at around $100 on – considerably less than what you’ll spend for one of the other premium brands like Vivosun.

They have the same durability and quality as their more expensive counterparts.

The difference from the Original Line is that they come in fewer sizes and accessories, but the prices are lower. Also, they are not as strong as the Original Line, so their pole diameter is 3mm smaller.

What makes it lighter than other Gorilla tents makes transporting your plants easier once harvest time comes around.

It comes in 5 different sizes and starts at $130, making them an affordable option for any budget without compromising quality or features. 

The Shorty Line

This is an economical and easy-to-set-up Gorilla grow tent great for first-time growers or those who don’t want a large space to maintain. It’s also perfect for cloning plants, as it includes the smallest clone tray available on the market.

These can also fit on your dresser if you have limited space and want something small enough without damaging any furniture when it comes time to assemble or move it.

This line has the same features you love from the Original Gorilla Grow Tent with an even lower price point at $175-$500 depending on the size and accessories needed for your needs.

The sizes range from 2’x2.5′ (w x h) to 4’x8′.

Gorilla Clone Tents

Gorilla clones are not your average clone/cloning tool kit (but they qualify as one). They’re an actual mini version of Gorilla Grow Tent! If you don’t have enough room for a full-size gorilla grow tent, then this may be the perfect option for you.

They come in 2 sizes, 18″ and 24″, and are perfect for cloning and starting your plants from seed. It has a lightweight, low-profile design provides you with the essentials to create an ideal environment while also providing enough room for growth. 

They are made with smaller holes and Velcro straps on the bottom, ensuring there are no leaks or smells from the cloning process, and are just under $100. 

Comparison Overview

Gorilla has a wide variety of grow tents. They come in different sizes and shapes, with upgrades to fit any need or budget. But no matter what your soil preference is, there is something for you! 

If you’re still not sure which grow tent to buy, in this comparison chart, we will be looking at each series individually so you can easily tell which one would suit your needs the best (and whether it was worth going all out!) 

Comparing Original Line

Each tent comes with an height extension kit that lets you increase your growing height by 1’ over the standard height. If that‘s not enough we have 2’ extension kits available, allowing your tent to reach an astounding height of nearly 10 FEET!






Ducting ports

Electrical Ports

GGT 2X2.52’x2.5’x5’11”29 lbs1680D152
GGT 2X42’x4’x6’11”37 lbs1680D162
GGT 3X33’x3’x6’11”40 lbs1680D162
GGT 4X44’x4’x6’11″50 lbs1680D162
GGT 4X84’x8’x6’11”88 lbs1680D384
GGT 5X55’x5’x6’11”88 lbs1680D384
GGT 5X95’x9’x6’11”101 lbs1680D384
GGT 8X88’x8’x6’11”139 lbs1680D3148
GGT 8X168’x16’x6’11”217 lbs1680D6148
GGT 9X99’x9’x6’11”155 lbs1680D3148
GGT 10X1010’x10’x6’11”159 lbs1680D3148
GGT 10X2010’x20’x6’11”308 lbs1680D61610

Comparing Lite Line






Ducting ports

Electrical Ports

GLT 2X2.52’x2.5’x5’7″19 lbs210D152
GLT 2X4 2’x4’x6’7″25 lbs210D162
GLT 4X44’x4’x6’7″30 lbs210D162
GLT 4X84’x8’x6’7”49 lbs210D384
GLT 8X88’x8’x6’7”77 lbs210D3148

Comparing Shorty Line






Ducting ports

Electrical Ports

GST 2X2.52’x2.5’x4’11”29 lbs1680D162
GST 2X42’x4’x4’11”31.5 lbs1680D162
GST 3X33’x3’x4’11”32.5 lbs1680D152
GST 4X44’x4’x4’11”41.5 lbs1680D162
GST 4X84’x8’x4’11”69 lbs1680D384
GST 5X55’x5’x4’11”53 lbs1680D362

Comparing Clone Tents






Ducting ports

Clone Tent 18″


7.3 lbs




Clone Tent 24″


7.3 lbs




Are Gorilla Grow Tents smell-proof?

Gorilla grow tents come with odor-blocking materials, which will help to eliminate smells from the inside of your tent during the flowering cycle. The Gorillas also use a high-quality filter that allows air to flow freely yet keeps smells inside the tent.

Some customers who own these tents say they could not smell anything from their kit after installation- so we would consider them fairly “scent-proof.” However, if you want extra protection from prying eyes and nose, you can use a carbon filter.

Are grow tents dangerous?

Grow tent safety is often a concern when new growers decide to start their first gardens- but there’s no need to worry! All Gorilla models are made with lightweight material that has been fire retardant tested to meet California codes. 

Plus, they have windows for ventilation and an air intake filter, as well as a waterproof floor liner that can be easily rolled up during installation–no one will know you’re hiding your newest hobby inside it!

It has been shown through many studies that specific frequencies of light might not be suitable for our health. It could even cause cancerous growth in some cases, so it’s crucial to use grow lights with a full spectrum that includes both red and blue light.

Final Thoughts

So what’s the verdict? Should I buy a Gorilla Grow Tent? Yes! With outstanding durability, excellent ventilation options, privacy window coverings, a complete warranty for an entire year, and competitive price points for all sizes with optional packages available.

They are a worthwhile investment for many growers, even if you are a beginner, and they will be the best grow tent on the market you can buy!

Hopefully, this review has helped you make a more informed decision when it comes to Gorilla Grow Tents.

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